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Tour Start Time

10:00/14:00  May,June,October



¥5,000〜/1Person(TAX Included) 

Summer price see below

The Okutama Mitake area, where YouMeRafting is located, is full of nature, where you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of rafting! The Tama River, the course of the tour, is famous for its clear water, and the Mitake Valley is one of Japan’s 100 best waters. The Tama River is famous for its clear water, and the Mitake Valley is one of the 100 best waters in Japan. The trees on both sides of the valley are lush, and you can enjoy the seasonal changes. The half-day course is a great way to spend a summer vacation in Tokyo!

Rafting, the main tour, is an activity (experience program) in which participants board a rubber boat for whitewater rafting and work together to go down the river. In addition to the exhilaration of splashing through the rapids, it is an outdoor sport that allows you to feel the great outdoors from the calm surface of the water.
Most of the participants in the Dream Rafting tour are “beginners”, so don’t worry if you are not physically strong enough. Even if you can’t swim, you can participate safely.

What to bring

What YouMeRafting provide.

※Rental shoes FREE

  • 9:00/10:00/11:30/14:00Meeting・Reception
    Please gather at the Ome Base, register, and change your clothes after the recreational activities.
  • 9:30/10:30/12:00/14:30Tour start
    You will enjoy a thrilling and exciting rafting tour.
  • 11:00/12:00/13:30/16:00
  • 11:30/12:30/14:00/16:30Dissmissal
    Ome base arrived! Thank you for using our company!

Venue・Meeting point

River:Tama River(Ome-city Tokyo)
Meeting piont:YouMeRafting base
Meeting time:9:00/10:00/13:30/14:00
※All tour takes around 3hours

※You can make a resevation from 2 people

Normal Season
(27th April〜21th July, 01st September〜31st October)





High Season
(22th July-31st August) ※6thAug-21thAug weekday Holiday price







Feel free to contact us.

CONTACT FORMTEL:0428-27-5075

At YouMeRafting, we provide safety-first tour services based on the concept of “outdoor activities that anyone can do” so that everyone who comes to our rafting trips can have a wonderful day. As a unique feature of YouMeRafting, we use blue boats, which is our company’s image color, for rafting, and you can enjoy a drink after the tour at the adjacent restaurant. Also, our guides have many years of experience in the rapids of Nepal, so you can be sure of safety.

While rafting the Tama River, we will be going through the Ontake Valley, so you can enjoy the nature surrounded by the surrounding mountains while rafting down the river. There is also a 4km promenade along the Tama River, so it is fun and pleasant to walk around the valley after rafting. Please come and enjoy rafting the Tama River with us at YouMeRafting!

YouMeRafting is a large facility with a site area of about 500 square meters, including a parking lot. We have all the facilities a rafting company should have, including changing rooms, lockers, and simple showers.

YouMeRafting is a 10-minute walk from Hinata-Wada Station on the JR Ome Line. By car, it is about 30 minutes from the Ome Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway (free parking available). By train, it takes only about an hour from Shinjuku.

The rafting tour and pack raft tour takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. The actual time on the boat is about an hour a half to two hour. The rest of the time will be spent in our vehicles, changing clothes, briefing, and practice.


Wear a life jacket. It's like wearing a floatation ring around your body so everyone can float from the neck up. In case you fall off the boat and get swept away, we will practice how to swiftly and safely get back on the water. If you don't mind water, you can participate without any problem.

Rafting involves moving the boat with all the participants, so it doesn't matter if you are a little weak. What is needed for rafting is not physical strength but a "spirit of fun". Please feel free to join us.

You can go rafting even in the rain. The problem is the amount of water, if it is raining but the water level is safe, rafting will be held. If the water level is dangerous even if it is sunny, the rafting will be cancelled. The criteria for rafting cancellation is when a [heavy rain warning] or [thunder warning] is issued.
We will make a decision on the cancellation the day before so that you do not have to gather on the day and say "it's cancelled". If participants are able to wait, the decision will be made early in the morning (we will let you know whether or not the event can be held before you leave your homes).
If you are planning to stay overnight on the day before the event, please include your accommodation information on the registration form sent to you.

In YouMeRafting, everything is full wet type.Since YouMe Rafting involves a lot of river activities, we recommend that you wear a wetsuit to prevent chilling.
It is not compulsory for participants who say, "I'm fine" because it is hot in July and August, but we recommend wearing a wetsuit for safety and enjoyment.

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